Now Offering Telehealth Sessions. To learn more click here

Now Offering Telehealth Sessions. To learn more click here

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    Executive Coaching

    As an executive coach, I meet my clients where they are and help them get to where they want to be. I do this by helping people better understand themselves, identify goals and envision where they want to go, explore what is getting in the way, get unstuck, launch, and actualize. This can be complex and emotional, and you do not have to do it alone. I will roll up my sleeves and get messy with you!

    Both my personal and professional experience has increased my understanding of the complex system of personalities, dynamics, and culture underlying each work setting. I have witnessed the significant impact that leadership can have on business culture, an organization’s success, and employee wellness. My years in the workforce as an advisor and executive coach in a variety of settings have shown me that despite their differences, there is one underlying element among these arenas: the human factor. The dynamism of working individually with humans, helping them determine and clarify their potential, and attaining and exceeding it keeps my work fulfilling and is a driving force behind the work I do.

    I provide executive coaching to individuals, teams, and groups some of which include:

    • Clarifying goals and actualizing them
    • Discovering your true dreams and creating a plan for attainability
    • Developing and honing leadership skills
    • Becoming a high-functioning team member
    • Improving team dysfunction
    • Creating an executive presence
    • Leveraging specific hard and soft skills
    • Ensuring work behaviors are congruent with individual and company goals
    • Increasing individual and corporate company morale
    • Assessment and exploration around alignment of career paths and personal fulfillment/values
    • Improving confidence and durability to facilitate optimal performance and fulfillment
    • Salary negotiation
    • Helping to navigate the workplace culture while holding onto your identity and core values
    • Establishing a work-life balance without compromising your goals in either arena
    • Enhancing and improving effective communication

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